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Spring Brings Wine

Rain clouds have said their goodbyes, leaving me under a shadow of wistfulness. After four years of a crippling drought our reservoirs are full but, to my wonder, the longing persists: I want to delay the unrelenting sunshine of every late-spring and summer day. The overcast mornings reflect my own slowness in waking up to the day. Easing in rather than blustering through.

Now is the time to enjoy a wonderful glass of white wine. At home or at a winery. My friends are red drinkers and it is easy to please them through the cold days of winter. But now, with warmer temperatures, white wine holds a strong attraction.

I find that many white wines do well when aired for about 10 minutes. I’m always amazed at the difference in the taste. So try it. Yap a little more with friends, nibble on nuts or nachos and let the wine breathe.

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