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Wine Walk, Downtown Mountain View

Wine tasting on a summer afternoon brings out the crowds in downtown Mountain View.

It was a fine event in downtown Mountain View for the last of the dog days of summer. The lines moved briskly at the Opal Lounge. Here, ticket holders or prospectives checked in to receive their wine glass and map of wineries and participating downtown stores.

Preferring to stay sober when working, I had bought no ticket. I hung out near the well-guarded door, allowed entry only when the organizer, Julie Smiley, invited me in. The Opal Lounge surprised me with its spacious, appealing interior. How could it be that although I often visit downtown Mountain View, I had never peeked inside? Julie gave me the map and bade me much enjoyment.

Wine and shops

I have to confess to some initial confusion. I saw no stalls on the street, but dutifully marched off in search of the wineries listed for the tasting. Seeing folks jaunting along with wine glasses didn’t help. Quite by accident, I stepped into Books, Inc., a favorite haunt. And there, by the door, beautifully arranged on a table were the wines from Vezér Family Vineyard. And then I got it: this event, organized by the Mountain View Central Business Association, was a way to support both local businesses and area wineries. It was a bit different from the Art & Wine Festivals that I’m used to attending, where the focus is on artists showcasing their work.

Confident now, I entered Therapy Home to find the somms from Guglielmo Winery pouring busily. It was past 6 p.m. now and millennials and gen Xers were strolling in after work, mixing with the Baby Boomers. I asked Victoria Buckett, a manager at the store, what she thought of all the youngsters at the event. This, I told her, had to be a Boomer thing. “The wine walk is a social outing for young people without having to wake up with regret,” she said. I looked at them – young, energetic, enthusiastic. “We get a kick out of it; they get a kick out of it. Everyone wins.”

And it’s great when everyone wins.

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