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San Francisco Airport goes Chic, Offers Wine Tasting

A touch of the good life – wine tasting, cheese, gourmet sandwiches – before you squeeze yourself into your airline seat

Flying out of Terminal Two at San Francisco Airport can be quite a gastronomic treat, as I found out recently. It was early when I got there, about 6:30 a.m. I didn’t expect anything to be open except a coffee shop doling out day-old pastries.

And then I walked into Napa Farms Market. They sell croissants, pastries, and coffee at the entrance. Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of stuff: gourmet cheese, chocolates, olive oils, hand crafted soaps. I could have been in wine country, in one of those little shops that draw you in, no matter the time. On a back wall a sign announces celebrity chef Tyler Florence. Sandwiches, made to order parfaits, and salads. Honestly, at an airport! Wish some of the East Coast airports would follow suit.

But I’m saving the best for last. Against a side wall lie hundreds of wine bottles and a sign announces wine tasting. So even if your airline is announcing flight delays in 15-minute increments, indulge yourself with wine tasting. Or if your driven life left you no time to buy a present for a friend, colleague, or loved one, grab something from here.

Or from the wine bar next door, Vino Volo, that offers tasting with small plates and of course bottles for sale. It was closed when I went past it or I’d have popped in.

I bought a parfait for breakfast and a sandwich to take with me on the plane. Given Virgin America’s food service, where even water has to be ordered via the screen, I was downright glad I did.


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