After resisting the suggestions of friends and family for years, here I am: Writer of a brand new blog. Despite the narcissism inherent in writers, I don’t see myself posting every day. Actually, this expectation of myself kept me from adopting the technology sooner.

For now, my blog will be focused on all things wine. The beauty of this form of publishing is that I get to write whatever tickles my fancy. I enjoy writing pieces on wine history, for example. I’ll post them, either as PDFs of published pieces or simply topics that I wanted to research.

The second part of the blog will be fun wine stuff. Obviously, my preferences play into this. Often when I go wine tasting, I find that by the time I’m done fighting the traffic to reach my destination, I am so hungry that the wine goes immediately to my head. From there, the experience goes downhill.

Some wineries are catering to other faint of head ones like yours truly. They offer cheese and charcuterie and other delectables that make the tasting more memorable. My maiden post will be just such wineries.

If you have an upcoming event that you’d like me to post, please send it along. I am also available to research and write on a variety of topics.